Socrates said: “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”

That’s what I’m doing with this project Courting Blakness. I’m only making you think. I cannot teach you anything.

The ambition that currently drives many Aboriginal artists is to challenge notions of who we are as Australians. Through bringing eight Aboriginal artists into the University of Queensland's Great Court we are reinterpreting this space. The artists are reshaping the way we think about Australian identity. Their artworks will reconfigure how non-Indigenous students interact with the space and think about contemporary society and Aboriginal politics.

What happens when you subvert constructs of power? I think that the Great Court is a construct of power and by subverting that space you actually create a more interesting space. Through Courting Blakness we’re going to enter into a new dialogue that we’ve never had before.

Fiona Foley




Courting Blakness is a celebration of 2014’s groundbreaking exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art. Featuring more than 50 striking full-colour images of the artworks as well as enlightening essays by artists, curators and academics, Courting Blakness is a stylish and comprehensive tribute and companion to this innovative project.

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